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June 15, 2011


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I will be your loyal reader all the make me get more knoweledge

Ann Marie Marciarille

Maine lost more soldiers in the Civil War than any other state. You could devise an entire tour of beautiful, tragic Civil War monuments the length and breadth of the state. Some of my favorites: Bar Harbor and Winthrop. Visit some of these moving sites yourself:

Better still, attend church anywhere in Maine on the 4th of July and sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic as the recessional. Those Mainers have long memories.

Bill Turnier

Ann Marie, thanks for the link. Symptomatic of the feelings in Maine is the fact that the principal Camden monument refers to the war not as the Civil War( a term preferred in the South) but as The Great Rebellion. I especially loved the monument in Camden to the quartermaster who refused an order to lower the colors. I will see what I catch on the list you provided. I was in Castine last weekend and did not know they had a monument. Before law school I had a life as a history grad student in Pennsylvania (PSU) and my wife and I were amazed at how many Civil War (aka Great Rebellion) monuments we saw in small towns there.

Alfred Brophy

Ann Marie--thanks for the link and for the information on Maine's losses. That's astonishing to me and something I'd like to look into more. I recall my grandmother (who was born at the end of the nineteenth century in Bangor) talking to me as I was a child about veterans she knew growing up -- but I had no idea that Maine bore such a disproportionate share of the losses.

For some reason the pictures on the site aren't coming up for me; not sure if that's temporary or not.

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