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May 30, 2011


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Patrick Luff

I've been looking for excuses to buy an iPad, even though I already have an iPhone and a Macbook, and this might just put me over the edge. Thanks Kevin!


Glad to be of help, Patrick! I forgot to point out that most textbook publishers have PDFs of the book, so you can put the entire thing on the IPad. (Save the weights for the gym.)

Mary Dudziak

Kevin -- other than Smart Seat, isn't there a lot of hardware out there that can do the same things (reading digitalized exams & books, marking up documents, etc.)? E.g. for quiet note-taking on something lightweight, I'm currently using a loaned, MacBook Air (after repeated Dell laptop failures), and one thing I like about the Air is its quiet keyboard. I've downloaded the Kindle app to both the Air and my smart phone, so I can keep reading books or pdfs where ever I am, marking up the text. And all my underlining gets saved automatically to a file, so that when I'm writing I don't have to page back through a book searching for particular sections because it's all saved for me. And ergonomically -- it works better to have a keyboard on the desk and an elevated screen. So I am still an IPad skeptic, since the things I need the most can be done as well or better on other platforms.


I've used both iAnnotate and Goodreader. Personally, I like Goodreader better for marking up PDFs (and it's cheaper), but of course that's a matter of taste. The one advantage of iAnnotate is the ability to have several documents open at once. (Smart Seat sounds like a great app--I'll have to check that one out.) I also have an app with the FRCP on it. (Westnext has an app, but you can also access Westlaw with Safari. But I'm not sure whether you can save the files to the iPad without the Westnext app.)

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