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May 31, 2011


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"I had never even heard of The Outsiders - neither the book nor the movie. "

Looks like you found your next assignment. Really a terrific book with a great backstory.

Colin Miller

Out of Rob Lowe's 1980s movies, I have seen:

The Outsiders


The Hotel New Hampshire

St. Elmo's Fire


About Last Night...


Illegally Yours

The only 2 that I would partially recommend are the two that you have seen (Outsiders was a let down despite the great cast and Coppola directing). So, it doesn't look like you missed much.


I liked the book _The Outsiders_ quite a lot when I was 12. I don't mean that as a criticism of it- it's a Young Adult book- but I haven't read it since and don't know if it would appeal to adults or not. The movie was okay, though if I remember right I was annoyed by the typical Hollywood "Now, with a happier ending!" bit. (Maybe I'm miss-remembering, but that's the recollection I have.)

Christine Hurt

I remember going to see The Outsiders with a big group of middle school friends and having to sit on the floor at the front the theater was so crowded. I basically remember it with a crick in my neck, but I think you probably caught from the book that all those young people are famous now.

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