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May 18, 2011


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Dan Markel

Oh Jacqui, I'm glad you posted on this--I had meant to at some point on prawfs, and perhaps I even did there or on FB and have forgotten, but I do remember reading this book and thinking: argh, what a waste of time. It is at least a quick read, as you say.

Nonetheless, I dissent from the recommendation at least insofar as I think it will be virtually worthless to folks who read Faculty Lounge, Co-Op, and Prawfs with any regularity. Perhaps it will be marginally more useful to newbies in the prawf-world, but I don't recall anything more than banal or predictable advice or anecdotes. I also feel like it was a title that tarnishes HUP's normally exciting and interesting catalog. Perhaps they assumed it would naturally be a money-maker though. Anyway, sorry to rain on the parade here. :-)

Jacqui Lipton

Not raining on my parade, maybe Perlmutter's?
Obviously I don't think the book is an essential guide to career happiness - just thought it contained some useful thoughts and pointers in an easily digestible format. So I guess we beg to differ, Dan.
Anyway, for those who don't want to spend the money on a book they may not find useful, I would suggest trying to read some extracts on Amazon before making a purchase or, better yet, just borrowing a copy from the library.

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