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May 27, 2011


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Matt Lister

I'm not 100% sure it counts, but if I can figure out how to make it count, I'd vote for Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. It's western and... art house? Is that a genre? Maybe Jim Jarmusch films are their own genre. It's certainly an unusual western, anyway, and worth watching.

(If we extend to books, I'd vote for Justin Allen's _Year of the Horse_, a very clever fantasy-western. That's much less unusual the sci-fi western, but still not super common.)


I think western blends well with a lot of other genres. Wild Wild West and the amazing TV show The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. are both steampunk westerns, though the latter perhaps a little more subtly than the former. Stephen King's Dark Tower books are fantasy-westerns. The insanely good comic book Preacher might be called a religious-epic-western.

The wikipedia page for "dramedy" cites Chekhov, Ibsen, and Shaw! It seems to be a popular tone these days on TV. I think Nurse Jackie, Weeds, Californication and Entourage might all qualify for the label. Ally McBeal is another, older, one.

Star Wars is arguably sci-fi-fantasy, which isn't a natural blend (advanced tech & magic require two dimensions of suspension of disbelief) even though both are shoved together in what I lovingly call The Nerd Section at the bookstore.

One more: the Scream movies are the best example of the comedy/thriller (or "scary movie" -- I don't want to say "horror" because that implies to me a supernatural element) blend.

Jacqui Lipton

Matt: I think I'll definitely have to give you Dead Man. And it's a great movie.

Colin Miller

"Grosse Pointe Blank" is probably at the top of my list, successfully combining the romantic comedy/high school reunion/John Cusack genre with the hitman genre.

Bill Turnier

I do not know if you would put dark comedies such as Serious Man and Fargo in genre bending films. I do. The Coen brothers are masters at pulling off these crazy blends that I love.

Jacqui Lipton

Colin - Gross Pointe Blank! One of my all time faves...

Aaron Perzanowski

I'll put in a plug for one of my favorites: Corey McAbee's criminally under-seen scifi/western/musical, The American Astronaut.

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