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May 29, 2011


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Jeff Yates

Great post :-) I think that another interesting dynamic can be hierarchy and co-authoring - both for relationships and evaluation, etc. Perhaps this is more of an issue in social sciences than law since social science has the formal dissertation advisor/advisee situation, but I imagine that the issues still come up.

Kim Krawiec

Thanks, Jeff! Yes, I thought about a category for Co-Dependant or Abusive relationships or something, as one hears the occasional horror story, usually accompanied by power differentials, such as tenured- untenured, or faculty-student, though not always. But then I decided that the variations on categories were nearly endless and that if I didn't get back to grading I was never going to get done in time. I suspect the creative Lounge readers can add many, many more to what is here.

Jeff Yates

Kim - the art of avoiding grading is almost as noble as the art of avoiding writing assignments with deadlines ;-)

Matt Lister

"Legal historians and philosophers don’t co-author, period."

I don't know about historians, (and know this is at least mostly a joke), but it's at least a bit too strong on philosophers. Jules Colman and Brian Leiter co-wrote some very useful survey pieces on legal positivism, and Hart and Honore's _Causation and the Law_ is, of course, a very important text. (Leiter and Weisberg's piece on evolutionary psychology and the law is also great, though Weisberg isn't really a legal philosopher, I guess.) They are not super common (I can only think of 2 or 3 more off the top of my head) but there are a few co-authored pieces in legal philosophy.

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Bill Turnier

Why has celibacy been left off the list? We all know that after attaining tenure, there is a segment of the academy who take the vow. I will leave it to others to characterize those in this group who then occasionally or frequently become involved with small modest offerings.

Kim Krawiec

You make me laugh, Bill! Certainly, celibacy should not be overlooked.

Mary Dudziak

Re: legal historans - I co-authored/co-edited with Leti Volpp for Legal Borderlands: Law and the Construction of American Borders, a special issue of American Quarterly, later released by Johns Hopkins UP. I strongly recommend cross-disciplinary co-authoring. Is that a mixed marriage?

And I think you need a category for when you love working w/ someone. But then it's over. Not because of dysfunction. You just go separate says. In that case, publishing is such sweet sorrow.

Kim Krawiec

We've been referring to them as interracial marriages around here, Mary, but mixed marriage works just as well, I suppose. Yes, I agree -- the mixed/interracial marriage can be most rewarding, especially when it "marries" different skill sets or perspectives.

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