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April 05, 2011


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Mark A. Edwards

Prosser is indignant that the electorate isn't indifferent to the race, as it usually in Supreme Court races. Apparently he's entitled to apathy.

Prosser was a former Republican representative, appointed to the bench by a Republican governor, who never faced a race without the advantage of incumbency. Now that the electorate is interested, he compares himself to the victim of a drive-by shooting? Could he come across as any more entitled and callous?

And what, exactly, is he complaining about? He's got a good opponent, Joanne Kloppenburg. She, unlike Prosser whose background was purely political, has been an AAG for 20+ years, under both Republican and Democrat AGs.

And Shirley Abrahamson, the Chief Justice Prosser called a bitch, is one of the most respected State Supreme Court justices in the country.

Wonderful guy.

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