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April 21, 2011


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Brian Ray

Dan - you really need to take the obsession to the next level and start roasting your own beans. Then you'll have assured access to fresh premium coffee (and at about half the cost of roasted beans). It's as easy as popping popcorn. is the best place to start and to source green coffee.

Bill Turnier

Dan, you have to try Kopi Luwak or civit cat coffee. At $600 a pound not too many people start the day with a cup. My son bought a small amount as a Christmas gift for his brother-in-law who is a genuine coffee lover. Brother-in-law said it was great. For those who do not know about this delicacy, the coffee beans have first been eaten by a civit cat and then in a partially digested state are harvested from the cat feces. Yum! The cost and other factors have kept me from "enjoying" a cup.

Jeff Yates

At Wegmans you can have the coffee beans roasted while you grocery shop. To be frank, it smelled great, but I didnt notice much difference in flavor. Maybe it's all in the coffee selection ;-)

Matt Lister

I still say that the High Point Cafe in Mt. Airy has the best coffee (and pastries!) in Philadelphia- clearly better than La Colombe, though La Colombe is much better than most. Their beans, from the True North Roasters in Seattle, are great.

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