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April 27, 2011


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Eric Chiappinelli

This is great news. Congratulations to Dean Clark and also to St. Louis University. She has terrific credentials and experience and should be a very good fit for St. Louis U.'s opportunities. SLU is lucky to have her for their Dean.

Alfred Brophy

Yes, congratulations to Dr. Clark and to SLU as well. This is most exciting.

Doug Richmond

I wish Dean Clark great success, and I think that a JD from an elite school is generally meaningless, but I am not sure that I would assign so much weight or importance to her possession of a non-elite JD when she has an MD. It seems to me that an MD is an enormous distinction given the central thrust of your post.

Omer Poos

Pity the poor folks at Saint Louis who don't do health law . . . .


Congratulations to Dean Clark and SLU! They have both made a fabulous choice!

Mary Dudziak

Is this a first? A Dean with an MD?

Re: Dan Filler's comments about dean hiring generally -- from Dean Clark's bio she was a Washington state resident who went to the Univ. of Washington medical school -- a fine med school and obvious choice for in-state residents. 4 years after the MD she received her JD -- and was first in her class. So this looks like an example of an exceptionally talented person who chose, perhaps for professional or personal reasons, to go to law school locally.

Law school hiring often takes the JD school as a proxy for talent, and this strikes me of an example of why it's important to look beneath the surface.

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