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March 22, 2011


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Curious bystander

How do VAP salaries compare to tenure-track salaries?


Around the country, VAP salaries are about 50% to 60% of full time faculty salaries. But that's the trend, I know nothing about Villanova's pay scale.


I've heard that VAP podium-filler positions actually pay on par with assistant prof salaries.


I was a podium-filler VAP last year and received the same 9 month salary as a newly hired tenure-track assistant professor.


Before going on the market, I did two VAPs. I did a podium-fill and got the same nice salary as the junior tenure track folks. And I was eligible for the full summer research grant and travel funds. I *also* did one of the market-preparatory VAPs and this one paid ~65-70K (depending on the fellowship duration) w/ 2/3rds of the normal travel funds and no summer grant. If you can swing it financially the second kind of VAP w/ the reduced teaching load and mentoring may be a better deal for someone who wants to get writing done.

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