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March 07, 2011


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Junior Prof

Song Richardson to American from DePaul.


Jeff Kahn (from Washington & Lee) and Steve Johnson (from UNLV) to Florida State.


Funmi Arewa from Northwestern to UC Irvine


Amanda Leiter to American from Catholic.

Calvin Massey

Scott Sundby from Washington & Lee to Miami


Jeff Hirsch from Tennessee to North Carolina (per Workplace Profs)


Michelle Kwon from Texas Tech to Tennessee.


Gabriel "Jack" Chin from Arizona to UC Davis.

Orin Kerr

I recall that last year we were very focused on the gender ratio of this group. Based on the initial group listed, I believe the gender ratio so far is almost exactly 50/50.


Tara Leigh Grove from FSU to William & Mary

Jacqui Lipton

That's an interesting observation, Orin. I wonder if there's any explanation for it.

Jacqui Lipton

Actually, one other thought to add to Orin's comment is there also appears to be a lot more diversity in this group both in terms of race and gender.


I think searching for an explanation for year-to-year discrepancies would be a mistake, due both to sample size and the fact that the populations are not sufficiently discrete (e.g., someone can choose to move one year or the next, at least in some cases). Choose some five year period and, if though necessary, drop repeats, then compare to the overall proportions in the academy.

Jacqueline Lipton

That's probably very true, anonyprof. Just thought Orin's observation was interesting. Also there may be one unusual year when, say, there's a ripple effect in a particular subject-matter area that women or minorities tend to teach in and there happens to be a lot of hiring that year but not in the surrounding year. For example if a senior critical race theorist moves from Virginia to Harvard, that may lead to a whole lot of moves of critical race theorists the following year down a chain of schools as Virginia replaces the prof and then their new hire's previous school does the same thing etc etc. Of course a five year study should be able to easily deal with this.


No one at ANY UC school calls itself California-____. You may want to correct this.

BSL Prof

Linda Berger from Mercer to UNLV.


Kate Kruse from UNLV to Fordham.

UNLV continues to bleed faculty:

Tony Smith

UC Davis and Irvine --- Excellent hires! Best of the list.


Elizabeth Weeks Leonard from Kansas to Georgia.

Tim Zinnecker

Tim Zinnecker from South Texas to Campbell.

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