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March 24, 2011


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I'm curious about rising VAPs or new profs who currently work at firms-- don't some choose to keep their new positions a secret until a couple of months before they begin? I would be afraid the work would dry up and/or I might get laid off once people knew I had accepted another job. (Related question: do new profs try to take the summer off preceding their first semester of teaching in order to prep?)

J.W. Lens

I chose to keep my VAP secret until a few weeks before I left. I was definitely afraid that the work would dry up and I might get laid off. I don't know if my fear was rational, but that's what I did.

As far as the summer off for new professors, you may be able to negotiate your starting month. My VAP ended at the end of June and the new prof gig in the beginning of July. So I had all summer to prep and write, which made life easier once the semester started.


Comments on the lateral hiring thread appear to be closed, but some news from the ASIL Annual Conference: Diane Amann from UC Davis to Georgia.

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