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March 23, 2011


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I liked _National Velvet_ (though my equestrian enthusiast wife thought lots of it was nonsense)*, and _Giant_ quite a bit.

*I have never been quite sure, but I believe that, briefly, in the background of the house of the old horse trainer played by Micky Rooney in _The Black Stallion_, you can see a still from _National Velvet_, showing the young Rooney riding The Pie. I hope I was right about that, as I'd like it a lot if it's right.

Colin  Miller

I think that two of her collaborations with George Stevens would be near the top of my list. "Giant" would be #1, and "A Place in the Sun" would be #2 or close to it. I never saw her third collaboration with Stevens -- 1970's "The Only Game in Town" -- but I've heard that it isn't that good.

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