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February 28, 2011


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Bill Turnier

When one reads the line in the newspaper story about the propriety of "non-core corporate assets" being sold you just have to stop and think of the wonder of that great clooection of American art (including art by others about America). I was lucky to see it several times as the museum was open to the public. If it goes through sales to other museums where it will be more accessible that is to the good. I know the board of Westervelt has every right and some may say duty to sell the collection in pieces to the highest bidders. I just hope that most of it works its way into public places. Personally I shall never forget the small Hooper Civil War painting of Union soldiers resting along a picket fence. I had never known he painted Civil War scenes (probably just a monument to my ignorance). The paintings of former slaves in the Reconstruction era scratching out a living as share croppers are some of the most moving pictures I have ever seen.

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