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February 19, 2011


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Tim Zinnecker

Orson Welles, for CITIZEN KANE.

Lance McMillian

Kevin Costner for Dances with Wolves. Clint Eastwood for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby. Maybe Warren Beatty, less sure about that one. Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Colin Miller

Warren Beatty is one of the double dippers, doing it with both "Heaven Can Wait" and "Reds." Incidentally, I was looking for a good Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 4(k)(1)(C) case to give to students and came across In re Tribune Co., 418 B.R. 116 (Bkrtcy. D. Del. 2009) just yesterday. It involves a dispute between the Tribune Company and Beatty over whether the rights to Dick Tracy are in the bankruptcy estate. Beatty tried to claim that he didn't have minimum contacts with Delaware for personal jurisdiction, but he was foiled by Bankruptcy Rule 7004 and Rule 4(k)(1)(C).

Jacqueline Lipton

Kenneth Branagh for Henry V.


Welles is correct -- He lost both categories, but won for his Citizen Kane screenplay.

Costner is correct -- He won Best Director, but lost Best Actor.

Eastwood is correct (x2) -- He won Best Director both times, lost Best Actor both times.

Warren Beatty is correct (and is, as Colin points out, the other double dipper) -- He won Best Director for Reds, but lost the other three nominations.

Kenneth Branagh is correct -- he lost in both categories.

Mel Gibson is not correct. He was nominated for Best Director for Braveheart, but not Best Actor. He won the Oscar for Best Director that year, and as the producer of Braveheart, he also won the Best Picture Oscar.

We have 5 out of 8 now. Looking for three more, including both of the Best Actor winners and one more Best Director winner.

Tim Zinnecker

Roberto Benigni (LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL)

Jacqueline Lipton

Laurence Olivier (Hamlet).

Jacqueline Lipton

Woody Allen (Annie Hall).


Those are the last of them. Nice work.

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