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February 25, 2011


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Colin Miller

Al Pacino?

Kelly Anders

Jack Nicholson is probably on the list. Possibly also Marlon Brando and Denzel Washington.

Lance McMillian

Pacino (8), Nicholson (12), and Brando (8) are on the list.


Interesting. I for sure thought that Jimmy Stewart, Robert Deniro or Tom Hanks would have more than six, but no. (5, 6, and 5 respectively.)

John B.

Peter O'Toole.

Lance McMillian

O'Toole (8) is correct, leaving six more.

Tim Zinnecker

Spencer Tracy and Laurence Olivier.

John B.

Richard Burton.

Jacqui Lipton

Jack Lemmon.

Jacqui Lipton

Paul Newman.

Jacqui Lipton

Spencer Tracy.

Lance McMillian

Tracy (9), Olivier (10), Burton (7), Lemmon (8), and Newman (9) are correct, leaving one more.

Kelly Anders

Dustin Hoffman?

Lance McMillian

Dustin Hoffman (7) is the last answer.

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