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February 27, 2011


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Julianne Moore was nominated for both Far From Heaven (Best Actress) and The Hours (Best Supporting Actress) several years ago.


Jamie Fox won for Ray and was nominated for Collateral in 2005.

Tim Zinnecker

Julianne Moore and Jamie Foxx are two of the eleven correct answers.

Lance McMillian

Al Pacino was a double nominee one year I know, but forget what pictures -- maybe Godfather Part III and something else (Glengarry Glen Ross?).


I think Al Pacino was nominated for Glengarry Glen Ross the same year he won for Scent of a Woman. (Thanks for jogging my memory!)

Cate Blanchett was nominated for best supporting actress one of the years she was nominated for playing Queen Elizabeth, though I can't remember which one or the name of the other film.

Tim Zinnecker

Cate Blanchett (2007) is one of the correct answers (Best Actress nomination for Elizabeth: The Golden Age; Best Supporting Actress nomination for I'm Not There).

Al Pacino (1992) also is one of the correct answers (Best Actor nomination for Scent of a Woman; Best Supporting Actor nomination for Glengarry Glen Ross).

Still looking for one male, and six females.

Kelly Anders

Thanks, Tim. It was fun. Is Holly Hunter on the list?

Tim Zinnecker

Yes, Holly Hunter (1993) is a correct answer: Best Actress nomination for The Piano and Best Supporting Actress nomination for The Firm.

Heidi K

Sigourney Weaver -- I remember her being simultaneously nominated for supporting actress in Working Girl and actress in Gorillas in the Mist -- I think it was around 87 or 88.

Tim Zinnecker

Sigourney Weaver (1987) is a correct answer: Best Actress nominee for Gorillas in the Mist, and Best Supporting Actress nominee for Working Girl.

Still looking for one male, four females.

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