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February 13, 2011


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I'm so glad to know that another law prof shares my affinity for reality tv. :) I vote for an America's Next Top Model style dean search - that made me laugh out loud.

Tim Zinnecker

Perhaps part of the interview process should be a mock "cold call" on a successful alum.

"So you want me to donate a considerable sum of money to your law school. Tell me why. You've got a minute -- to win it."


I have been in dean searches this year, and my family decided that they should be run like Top Chef.

Quickfire Challenge: You get a call at 2 am saying that a pipe froze and burst during the night, flooding the law school library and a classroom. Get the building ready for 8 am classes.

Elimination Challenge: Eliminate a seven figure operating deficit without cutting any department's budget, and still giving everyone a 3% raise.

At the end, the chair of the search committee tells the eliminated dean candidate, "Please pack your laptop and go."

Kelly Anders

In honor of Valentine's Day, we can also include "Rock of Love" to the mix: "You candidates all really rock, but I only have a limited number of back-stage passes to go around."


If this were a vote, I confess I would absolutely vote for DeanWannaBe's brilliant entry. But since it isn't, allow me to add one more: "Whose vision is on the block? (lift the lid). I'm sorry Prof. So and So, you've been chopped."

Black Bird

I think dean searches should be run like HGTV's Design Star.

Make over this law school with a $500 credit from Walmart in either 'hip mod', 'cozy cottage' or 'early institutional'.

At the end of the search Clive gets to tell the candidates "Your show has been cancelled"!


Ah - a fellow Design Star fan. But given the budget cuts, it might be more like "Take this school and cut 15% of the budget while also adding professional skills training, clinical programs and expanded library collections. For those who fail, his message would be "your school's AALS accreditation has been cancelled."

Black Bird

Easier than changing a light fixture (AALS, so old school):

Candidate: Simple - "offer a virtual law school with an on-line collection and expanded externships. In fact, I've developed an app for that!"

Provost: Eligibility for Title IV Funding?

Winning Candidate: Ah good one--distance ed accrediting. We'll pair with a bricks and mortar program offering an MJ degree so our graduates can take the bar in D.C.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!! We have a winner -- Your own show (of course that's the inherent problem with winning this thing)

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