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February 13, 2011


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Jeff Yates

Kim, this sounds like an interesting read -- thanks for posting on it. I've read with interest Murray Sperber's works on the same topic.

Kim Krawiec

Thanks for the recommendation, Jeff!


Interesting that it is being published by a British university press. I wonder if there is a particular reason for that. In any event, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Certainly, he has seen both the joys and the underside of college athletics (lacrosse scandal) up close and personal.

Kim Krawiec

Hi Mark -- I also found it ironic that Cambridge is the publisher, and not an American university press. The US presses have published other college sports books that I think are less optimistic than Charlie's, though, so I'm assuming it's just chance, rather than squeamishness. And, yes, Duke is a lovely crucible for both the positives and negatives that college sports have to offer, though the same could be said, in a different way, about both of my former employers too (large state schools with big football and basketball programs).

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