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January 03, 2011


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Dave Parker (in his last year of eligibility) is a better candidate than Bagwell.

The other Killer B, Biggio (when he is eligible in 2 or 3 years) is a definite first ballot HOFer.

Palmeiro should be inducted but he won't because of the steroids.

Anyone with 3,000 hits belongs in the HOF. And Pete Rose should be inducted on the day after he dies - that is the ultimate punishment for someone like Rose.


Your link was pretty accurate with Alomar & Blyleven getting the votes. In my opinion, Blyleven certainly earned it with 287 career wins.

Tim Zinnecker

And Tommy John (288) and Jim Kaat (283) are still on the outside, looking in ....


John and Kaat both belong in the HOF. Especially John, the surgery happened in 1974 and he pitched until 1989.

I don't think we will see 300 wins anymore. Perhaps 250 wins is the new 300 wins?

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