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January 27, 2011


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Colin  Miller

My biggest snub is not nominating Christopher Nolan for Best Director for Inception. That makes it 3 times that The Directors Guild of America has nominated him (Memento, The Dark Knightm and Inception), but the Academy has not. I wonder if that is a record?

Jacqueline Lipton

And what's up with not nominating Tangled in the Best Animated Feature category? I generally don't like animated films, but this was a very good take on the Rapunzel story.

Tim Zinnecker

My wife and daughters just loved TANGLED. I found DESPICABLE ME much more entertaining. As for TOY STORY 3? Didn't care for it (too dark for me). But it does appear to be an answer to this trivia question: Name the only sequel film to be nominated for Best Picture, but the earlier films were not nominated for Best Picture (rather awkwardly phrased, I confess).

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