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January 04, 2011


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For those who have not seen Toy Story 3 and you have young impressionable children, one parent to another, I would strongly recommend that you see it first.

The 'G'rating assigned to this movie is wholly unwarranted and, IMHO as a parent, rises dangerously close to false advertising. There are quite a number of scenes that will scare a child and make this really inappropriate.


I think someone quoted you a wrong price--the Quicken Arena shows $15/ticket at the low end.

Still moderately expensive, especially with all the "extras," but not quite as outrageous...

Edgar Hudges

Since when did this blog become a place where bloggers can complain about expenses in their personal lives? Can we stick the topic please -- save your personal life for Facebook.

Jacqui Lipton

Apologies to those offended by comments re personal life. Guess I'm just bored because I'm missing AALS this week- and I stand corrected on price anyway.

Ben Barros

Edgar, there is a long tradition of having the occasional post on personal issues on law prof blogs. If you don't like it, don't read the blog. Jacqui and the others can post what they want - it is their blog, not yours.

Christine Hurt

I remember taking one of ours to a Disney on Ice, but can't imagine I paid that much. I do remember thinking it was lame, and that my daughter was not impressed. Especially if your children have ever watched Olympic-caliber skating. It's not Disney -- the characters are only vaguely recognizable, and there's very little story. And it's not world-class ice skating, either. I hope you can wiggle out!!

Jacqueline Lipton

Well, I didn't wiggle out of it, but I got the tickets a lot more cheaply than I had earlier thought and the kids really did enjoy it. Definitely not world class skating, but my kids don't know the difference yet anyway.

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