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December 01, 2010


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I did eleven initial interviews. Of the seven who did not call me back, NONE have offered any indication of where things stand.


Offending schools include (among others) Minnesota and UNLV. Really, people, there is no good reason not to give some indication of where things stand- none at all.


Temple, Florida State, Miami, Seattle, Missouri-Columbia, UConn.

Not Optimistic

From the five schools I met with at AALS, I've gotten two rejections and nothing from the other three. I'm assuming that no word from a school at this point is pretty bad news, right? Or is there a glimmer of hope that all their top choices will fall through and I'll get a call?


Case Western, Tulane


Richmond, UNC.

Shameful behavior that really ought to stop. There's no plausible reason to not send an update at this point.

anon in DC

I had ten interviews and have heard nothing at all from UNC, Univ of Louisville, Cincinnati, John Marshall, and Alabama. Really, people, you can -- and should -- do better than this.

Orin Kerr

I still haven't heard from a bunch of schools that I interviewed with at the AALS in the fall of 2000, a decade ago. Do you think I should give up hope?


Nah, Orin- keep believing!

(More seriously, though, I hope your point isn't that because schools have behaved badly for a long time, they shouldn't start behaving with minimal decency towards potential colleagues now, because that would be a really dumb point.)

Jacqueline Lipton

In response to "waiting", I checked in with our appointments chair last night who confirmed that emails or letters have been sent to everyone Case Western interviewed in DC with an udpate as to where the process is with respect to their candidacies. In fact, our process is still ongoing and we don't have a further update for candidates at this point. If "waiting" would like to contact me offline (in case (s)he didn't receive our original communication), please feel free to do so and I'll follow up.


Univ. of Florida, Valparaiso


Seattle, Suffolk, SMU, shame on you.


As a one time market participant who still can't but hold a judgment against the appointment chairs who followed the lowest common denominator during my process, I would like to say that Jacqueline Lipton is awesome. I did very well by the market substantively, but basic human courtesy is trans-situationally an issue of character - not personal convenience or institutional norm.


Stetson, American (Washington U.), Texas Southern, and Ave Maria. All naughty.

Jacqueline Lipton

Thank you for that comment, ProDecencyAnon. I'm extremely flattered. Appointments issues are difficult and time consuming for everyone and I'm happy if I helped in any way with your experience on the market.

Orin Kerr

Anon, I hope I am not making a "really dumb" point. But questions of decency are in part questions of social norms, and there is an ongoing norm in legal academia that not hearing over a long period of time is a ding. I don't like the norm myself, and I personally wouldn't follow it. But I think it's worth pointing out that the norm exists. Whether that point is "really dumb" is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.


Orin- I think you're confusion the question of whether some behavior is common with whether it's decent. Of course lots of behavior is common, and can be understood, without being decent. And, lots of schools do manage to treat the people they interview decently, so it's not even as if this were a universal practice. Given that, I don't see how the fact that you were treated poorly (as you surely were, it seems) by schools in the past is of any relevance to whether schools should continue acting without minimal decency now.



Thank you for the followup. It was a pleasure to meet with you in DC. Perhaps my rejection letter got lost in the mail.

Another issue that you may or may not choose to address -- the gossip among candidates was that CWRU was at AALS mostly for show, and is severely restricted as to hiring because of its dean search. So, I wasn't holding my breath for word from CWRU in any event, but I (and at least one other person I know who interview with you) haven't heard anything.


I just checked with another friend who interviewed at CWRU and was told that (s)he did receive a general "status" email from the school. Thus, I probably accidentally deleted the email (or in the case of a letter, it got lost in the mail). It does seem like CWRU has gone out of its way to notify candidates, and not just callback candidates.

Apologies for telling Santa bad things about CWRU, and many thanks to Jacqueline for clearing things up.

Jacqueline Lipton

No worries, "waiting", and thanks for following up at your end. And no we were not in DC mostly for show. We are definitely in hiring mode this year. We just have a number of different areas we are focusing on and need to work carefully to put together a package of offers that best meets our curricular and scholarly needs.

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