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December 01, 2010


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John Nelson

I keep forgetting about the interesting books on the financial crisis I've heard about. This image has reminded me of at least three I intended to get.

It sure beats the other way I was going to remember them; searching NPR archives for possible interviews.

Bill Turnier

How about Roubini's Crisis Economics and the book the caused Judge Posner to be ostracized by some conservatives, The Failure of Capitalism. I bet there are a good 25 more that visitors to the blog could provide.and for a nice background book on the big picture one might like Juston Fox's, The Myth of the Rational Market.

Kim Krawiec

Yes, it is certainly not intended as a complete list. Below is the link for Paul Kedrosky's "List of The Best F**king Books About The Financial Crisis." In my readings on financial crises course last year, I assigned:

Liar's Poker (Michael Lewis)
Animal Spirits (George Akerlof & Robert J. Shiller)
This Time is Different (Carmen Reinhart & Kenneth Rogoff)
The Big Short (Michael Lewis)
House of Cards (William D. Cohan)
When Genius Failed (Roger Lowenstein)

Not all of these were about the current crisis. I liked Reinhart & Rogoff the best. Although I didn't assign Fool's Gold, because of the publication date, I would have assigned that one. And just ordered Raghuran Rajan's Fault Lines, which I hear is very good. So, there are some more.

Bill Turnier

I require my students in Family Wealth Management to watch one of the following DVDs on the crisis: CNBC's House of Cards; BBC's Ascent of Money or the Frontline DVD on it (I think it is Inside the Crash or some such title). Some of them tell me they have popcorn and beer parties and watch it as a group. I have copies on reserve but some are available on hulu they tell me.

Rather unusual for a law school class to either read a book or watch a movie.

Kim Krawiec

Bill, some other dvd candidates: Trillion Dollar Bet (NOVA) -- on the LTCM debacle, and Frontline's Inside the Meltdown. Trillion Dollar Bet, last time I looked, is no longer available. However, if you have one of those things that we used to all use, called a VHS player, you can borrow my copy.

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