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December 15, 2010


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Doug Richmond

Spare me. My suspicion is that AALS must book hotel space at least five years in advance and perhaps longer. The AALS leadership cannot predict labor strife at union hotels years out. There is only so much meeting space to go around and leveraging use of meeting space at the Hilton is simply prudent management. If your complaint is that you might have to cross a picket line, simply don't go. If you truly are in solidarity with the aggrieved union workers, you ought not go at all in protest of the AALS's decision to affiliate with the Hilton in any fashion. If you are simply worried about whether you might not be able to go to a given panel, then you are thinking only of yourself and, in fact, care nothing about the issues animating the labor strife or the affected employees. Is there anything about which law professors cannot or do not whine and snivel? The AALS annual meeting seems to be a perpetual source of bleating.


Sounds like the deafening silence from hiring committees.


My understanding is that AALS negotiated the space at the Hilton NINE years ago. ITs scrambling to move panels to other venues to accomodate complaints seems more than adequate a response.

David S. Cohen

I'm with you Bridget. As a junior faculty member who had his work chosen to be on a panel of junior new voices in a field, I'm torn about what to do if they don't move my panel. I know others on the panel are as well, and a related panel has already lost its moderator and other participants because of the delay.


Complaints about the Hilton being this year's are absurd. There is not strike, there is no picket line, and those profs who are complaining are not educating others about the issues dividing labor and management. The argument is framed as management against labor, and that lacks any substance. Arguments opposing the location of this year's meeting much to do about literally nothing: the workers haven't gone out on strike or voted to do so. All they've done is threatened to go on strike.

Bridget Crawford

Perhaps my initial post was not clear. My critique goes to the lack of communication from AALS administrators about where programs will be located. I did not intend to convey any impression, opinion or information about when the AALS booked the hotel space, whether any particular person will or will not cross a picket line that may or may not exist, or whether there is or is not space elsewhere.


The Hilton is indeed subject to a boycott.
The AALS website lists December 20 as the deadline for refunds.

Bill Reynolds

The post suggests that senior professors might be "stridently urging" jumior faculty not to cross picket lines. I hope that is not true because someone in a position of authority over another should never try and influence such choices. It would be particularly deplorable if someone at a law school dedicated to liberal values were to do the urging.

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