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December 03, 2010


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I'm a student at Pepperdine in the top 11% of my class, law review, etc. I came to the school after Dean Starr and others sold me on the law school, and I was saddened to see him go. My other options included a top 15 school, and some higher ranked schools with scholarships. I'm not alone amongst my classmates in hoping that the school can pick a Dean who will continue the upward trend that Dean Starr implemented. I love my professors and love my school but the most important thing to me right now is rankings because rankings are killing my job opportunities. I don't have debt, but I also don't have a job lined up despite my successes in school. I don't follow this blog enough to know if you have mentioned the other people our school is considering, but they've been coming around as we prepare for exams. We also have received emails explaining that there are five candidates, which seems like a low number given that two candidates are current professors. The emails are public here:

In addition to Judge Tacha there are Professor Cupp, Dean Perrin, Russel Osgood who was the Dean of Cornell Law school and is the President of Grinell College, and a mystery outside candidate whose name they won't reveal. I don't understand all of the secrecy, but the professors I've talked to about him (we know it's a man) all seem very excited about this person. One professor said the secret candidate will be "well known throughout the academy"and is a "top scholar" which I gather is important.

Thanks for posting the information about our search, as a student whose career depends on this I'm saddened that there isn't more information available to us. Until you posted the article about the Judge I did not know she had personal relationships with the President. Most of us thought that the only personal relationships at play were the fact that two of our professors are vying for the job, I pray this does not mean that qualified candidates are overlooked for personal friendships.

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