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December 30, 2010


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My approach to dream interpretation involves close attention to language and listening for puns or double meanings. Pool of candidates comes to mind. Also "wading" instead of "waiting" for an interview. There's often a joke inside the dreams to accompany the record of what happened the previous day and the element of anticipation/anxiety/wish fulfillment. The joke is that this feels less like a pool and more like a "flood" of candidates. Just a guess.

Jacqueline Lipton

Free online dream interpretation - that's really cool, JT! I guess one could "wade" through a pile of CVs, to continue the metaphor...

Tung Yin

I love the idea of alligator rights law. . . . That's awesome!

Eric Muller

How odd -- something very much like this actually happened to me, except we ended up hiring the alligator rights person and it was all going great until she ate the senior person who did small-mammal rights.

Kim Krawiec

At least you're hiring pool side. That could be a fruitful recruiting device. Was there a wait staff (preferably in Hawaian-style resort wear) to take drink orders?

Jacqueline Lipton

If there had been a Hawaiian themed wait staff I would have been much less stressed, pina colada in hand...

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