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December 28, 2010


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Colin Miller

It looks like that dialogue was at least in part lifted from Portis' original novel. A Village Voice article cites this passage from page 137 of the novel: "She taken a notion she wanted me to be a lawyer. . . . She bought a heavy book called Daniels on Negotiable Instruments and set me to reading it. I could never get a grip on it. Old Daniels pinned me every time." I actually find the "Old Daniels pinned me every time" line to be quite funny, and I'm surprised that the Coens cut it.

I also wonder how much of the other legal stuff I included in my post was taken from the novel. If all of it was, I think that the novel is a great candidate for a Law & Lit class, and I certainly think that the move is a terrific candidate for a Law & Film class.

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