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November 10, 2010


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Sometimes I wonder if you academics realize that it is students who pay your salaries. And we could not care less about your "scholarship", which no one reads, besides other professors. This is an excellent choice for the school and the students. Maybe the school doesn't want "an intensified commitment to scholarship", but rather wants to graduate students with some real, practical skills, and with a chance to get a job in NH.

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Maren Lee

"...higher national academic profile and an intensified commitment to scholarship. I'd assumed these were among the goals of the merger."

I assumed that was the point of their affiliation too. But with this move toward more NH academic inbreeding it's clear any supposed continuing support for their IP focus is a sham. What this new UNH Law is going to become is a school for those who want to practice in NH and nothing else. I don't know much about that region but something tells me that market for lawyers is not very big. RIP FPLC.

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