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November 01, 2010


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Matt Lister

I can't (or won't) comment on most of the above, but I thought the coffee (not espresso drinks- I didn't try them) at the Illy's was generally better than Starbucks. I'm pretty picky about coffee but not a reflexive Starbucks hater, but this generally seemed better to me. Not great, mind you, but not at all bad. Also, their staff was pretty efficient and their sandwiches were surprising good, so it seemed like a plus to me. I did have to laugh at my self at one point in light of Mary Dudziak's warnings about hotel room coffee when I made myself a cup and found myself thinking it really wasn't working at all, only to realize later that I'd accidentally made de-caf. (Thankfully this was on Thursday afternoon and not Friday or Saturday morning!)

Anthony S. Montagna

I went in 2008 to DC to get the lay of the land...I must say there was more hustle bustle then, alot more interviewing and people, younger ones, this year, it was about half and half...and I did go to the afterparty...the feedback I was getting was that the older candidates seemed to be having more luck, i.e. recruiters were more interested in people with experience along with, I am still waiting on a callback, otherwise I will pin my hopes on a Fulbright Commission, research and write in the winter and hopefully publish in the spring...although it would be nice to get that call back and a guaranteed spot for next year by Christmas...and yes, the coffee at Illy's was good!

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