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November 30, 2010


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James Grimmelmann

I think the relevant statistic is not the percentage of multiple births that result from ovulation stimulation, but rather the percentage of ovulation stimulation treatments that result in multiple births. According to the CDC site, there were 32,000 multiple births and 159,000 singleton infants in 2005 conceived using ovulation stimulation, so the percentage of multiple births within that population is 17%.

Bridget Crawford

Agreed. Well said. Note to self: no more blogging during Glee.

James Grimmelmann

Would that be "Gleeging?"


I'm the recent father of twins (7.5 months). You'd be shocked how many comments you get. The more discreet ones: "Were you expecting twins?" I asked my wife why people would ask such a stupid question -- no, not until the ultrasound showed two blobs, and then yes after that. She explained that it was just a polite way of asking if she had fertility treatments or IVF. Others would just flat-out ask if we had fertility treatments. (My favorite response of my much-more-ballsy-than-I wife: "No. But since we're talking about how our children were conceived, what position did you and your husband f*ck in when he got you pregnant?").

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