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November 06, 2010


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Lance McMillian

(1) Clemens in 86, for sure
(2) Koufax
(3) Denny McClain


Koufax, Bob Gibson, Denny McLain

Howard wasserman

Koufax (1963), Willie Hernandez(1984), Denny McLain (1968). But all 3 were on the Series winner. Who else am I missing?

Tim Zinnecker

Well, I butchered this question big time. Mea culpa.

Eight (not seven) pitchers captured both the Cy Young and the MVP award in the same season. Eckersley was a given, and other correct answers from above are Clemens, Koufax, McLain, Gibson, and Hernandez (the player I overlooked). The other two were Vida Blue and Rollie Fingers.

And five (not three) of these pitchers played in the World Series at the end of their awards-winning season. Three played for the winning team (Koufax, McLain, and Hernandez) and two played on the losing side (Gibson and Clemens).

And this question will haunt me now during the entire off-season.

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