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October 27, 2010


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I can't see anything wrong with bragging about the presence of a visiting professor. They are teaching to your students, interacting with your faculty, and generally enriching the curriculum. Alumni contributions often pay for the chairs that attract prestigious visiting professors (as opposed to podium fillers). As long as it is clear that they are visiting and not a member of the permanent faculty so it isn't misleading future students or USnews rankers, it's fine by me. A school that attracts prominent visitors is likely a more vibrant intellectual place than a school that does not, all other things being equal.

I think the same thing about visiting scholars, as long as they are more than parking their boxes in your law school for a few months. If they participate in colloquia/workshops and are generally around, then that is a positive. It's just a question of not overclaiming it.

Orin Kerr

I agree with anon.

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