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October 16, 2010


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I assume Witt/Kiefer has by now contacted you to be a candidate!

Alfred Brophy

Very funny, Brian. No I haven't heard from them yet. I'm not expecting any calls, either. Every time I get a glimpse of the life of a dean I have two responses. First, to go thank my dean for everything he does for the school. Second, to run back to my office and hunker down to do my own work (or at least prepare some more scatterplots of rankings and citations!)

Two other points. The shift towards outside recruitment firms seems important. I've never been on the inside on one of those searches, but I imagine that would make life easier and probably help to bring some consistency to the standards used to evaluate the candidates. After the initial post I realized that Witt/Kieffer is also running the DePaul dean search and they've prepared a nice brochure on DePaul as well. Perhaps such brochures are more common than I understood them to be. Nice idea, anyway. I remember seeing a pamphlet for Mercer a few years back, which was stunning in terms of the size of Mercer's endowment, but I didn't realize brochures were common.

I think that for Richmond, where the president has a very distinct vision and has made commitments of support, that the deanship will attract a very special person. This is an exciting moment for my friends at Richmond. Maybe on the next trip through Richmond I'll stop by and get some photographs of campus. It's nearly twenty years since I was last on their campus, but I remember it as idyllic. The city, of course, is lovely -- though I'm not sure that people who've not spent much time there would have any glimpse of this.

And for me the most important part of all this is that Richmond makes a cameo appearance in _University, Court, and Slave_!

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