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October 20, 2010


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Matt Lister

If you have time and access to hot enough water to make instant, I suggest just using a french press. I have a travel one, and though it does a pretty bad job of keeping all the grounds below the press, the coffee still tastes good.

The one thing I do recommend against is bringing your own supply of Cafe Pele:

I speak from experience: this stuff should be avoided, unless you also need to fix a pot-hole or patch a roof, or perhaps kick a ball above your head. If any of those things are the case, than do bring a can with you.

Jordy Singer

For those who have some time between interviews, there is a (real) Starbucks a 10-15 walk north up Connecticut Avenue, past the zoo. It's a nice walk for clearing the head if you have the luxury. And for those who are populist, time-crunched, and/or desperate, there is a (gasp!) McDonald's right near the hotel as well.

Jeff Yates

The 2010 American Political Science Association meeting was held at the Marriott - so I dealt with the new coffee situation - to be sure the old "fake" Starbucks was a drag - not to mention the lines. I have news - granted the FRC is not likely as large as the APSA meeting, but I would bet that the lines for Illy's (which is also the place many will be going for food) will be extremely long. Further, I thought Illy's wasn't very good - and I wanted to like it - their logo and everything was so cool. The counter culture option might be ok and if you are willing to walk the 15 minutes up Connecticut Avenue there are real Starbucks as well as some mom and pop coffee shops. I suggest the walk if you are not too busy - it's nice to get some time out from any conference along with some fresh air.

Mary Dudziak

Dan -- thanks for advancing the AALS caffeine acquisition analysis. Just a note about the advice on my blog: my principle advice when packing for the AALS (or any interview) is to figure out ahead of time what you can't live without, and then figure out how to make it happen without depending on anyone else. Bringing your own (incl. coffee & breakfast) means that if you can't start the day without them, you'll have what you need even if room service never arrives, or if the Illy's has such a long line that it would make you miss your first interview.

There are great in-room options besides instant. I used to take a one-cup drip and bring my own Peet's. But when traveling, e.g. to give talks, I now prefer to simplify my morning and spend the free time going over my talk or even taking a quick look at an online newspaper. For AALS-ers, I'd figure out what help you have a good morning, whatever that is, and go with it.

My coffee/packing advice is here:
And thoughts about answering the question law & humanities folks hate the most is here:

Tim Zinnecker

Those of us who have been anointed to teach the UCC have no need of liquid stimulants. The "Code" (not to be confused with the lower-case Internal Revenue code) doth provide.


The more important question is where you can get a good Diet Coke at the Marriott. If, like me, you prefer the fountain variety -- I'll drink the bottled or canned variety, but only as a last resort -- the options have been relatively thin. You can get a take-out cup from the pub or bar, but this is a rather pricey option, and the cups are fairly small. I've frequently found myself running down the hill to the McDonalds, no matter what the weather conditions.

roger dennis

Better yet, which schools bring better snacks to share with candidates? As dan filler can tell you we are very proud of the variety and quality of our snacks..take the you top tier schools..r

Tim Zinnecker

Uh, Dean Dennis, that room number again was ....?

roger dennis

We will get you the number Tim, and the tradition was created by Amy Boss, of UCC fame

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