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October 15, 2010


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Tim Zinnecker

Is the author's middle initial an "M"?

Alfred Brophy

Don't know about that, Tim. I'm don't know what his middle name was. Seems like he went by only first and last name.

Tim Zinnecker

OK, how about this: is the first letter of the third word of the book title a "T"?

Alfred Brophy

Let me think on this some, Tim. The first letter of the fourth word in the novel's title is "t", but perhaps you're looking at an alternative title.


If the author's head were removed, would it fit in a breadbox?
(I'm sorry- this just started to seem like "20 questions", and in my experience, in that game it's essential to ask about whether something would fit in a breadbox or not, and this was the best I could do.)

Alfred Brophy

I think I need to put out another hint. This may give it away but so be it: he served as attorney general.

Jason Mazzone

William Writ.

Jason Mazzone

Wirt, not Writ.

Alfred Brophy

Yes! Jason. You're right. Very nicely down. Wirt was the author of Letters of a British Spy, as well as The Life of Patrick Henry. And -- though I didn't want to use this as one of the hints because it might have given away too much -- also a literary address at Rutgers.

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