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October 02, 2010


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Pete Rose.

Jeff Yates

I believe that Rose is correct, with Cobb next at 9.

Tim Zinnecker

Rose is correct. Cobb is second with 9. Gehrig, Keeler, and Paul Waner are tied for third with 8. Story here:

Other players who came to (my) mind included Stan Musial (6), Rod Carew (4), Tony Gwynn (5), and Wade Boggs (7, all consecutive).

For a follow-up question, try this one:

Two players (one before 1950, and one after 1950) had 200-hit seasons with three different teams. Can you name these two HOF'ers?


My guess for pre-1950 would be George Sisler (doesn't he hold the MLB record for a season?).

Tim Zinnecker

George Sisler had 257 hits in 1920, a record that stood until Ichiro had 262 hits in 2004.

Sisler had 200 or more hits in six seasons, five times with the Browns, and once with the Braves.

So, no, he is not an answer to the follow-up question. Great guess, though!


The only other pre-1950 guess would be Rogers Hornsby.

Tim Zinnecker

Rogers Hornsby had 200 or more hits in seven season: five with St. Louis, and one each with New York and Chicago. He is the "pre-1950" answer.

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