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October 17, 2010


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Alfred Brophy


It's innovation like that that makes American great! One of these days one of us needs to blog about the symbols of progress in state fairs.

Tim Zinnecker


Jeff Yates

As I blogged on recently - food innovation has always been an important part of our country's progress :-)

Orin Kerr

Next thing you know, someone will propose eating sausage, eggs, and cheese together at breakfast.

Eric Muller

Orin, that way lies madness.

Bruce Lawrence

Soon they will split a single Krispy Kreme donut much like a traditional hamburger bun annd thus introduce the "LITE" Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger.


Banned in Boston!

Outlawed in NYC!!

A Berman

The right way to do it is with a single donut, split down the middle. Turn the pieces so that the unglazed middles are facing outwards. That keeps your hands clean when you eat it. Even better, grill the donut a little bit.

Anon E. Mouse

"Another Sign That the American Empire Is In Its "Decadent Decline" Phase"

You say that like it's a bad thing.


Only an academic would see this as some portend of America's doom. Eating this once or twice a year at a fair won't kill anyone.

Nancy Bishop

What are the Weight Watcher points for that???


Not as good as the bacon maple ice cream, but tasty non the less.

Imagine that! In a world where outrageous fattening foods go viral on the internet, earning a company millions in free advertising, corporate marketing departments catch on and take advantage of it!



Caption: "Donut Resuscitate"

Jim Gaffigan

Look out McGriddle, here comes the donut ham hamburger!


We've got fried beer & margaritas here at the Texas state fair Mmmmmm


It is called a "LutherBurger" after Luther Vandross who invented the beast. Just google it.


This isn't exactly news... it's been around for quite some time, a couple of years, actually, I think.

And really, the deep-fried bacon burger (that is, a burger made of all bacon, then cooked, then deep-fried and put on a bun) is significantly "worse" by the measure of fat and other silly things people worry about, and it's been around at least a year as well.


Yeah, but see, I don't think crispy cream donuts are all that great. I think Ray is onto something with his deep-fried bacon burger, although I would add a thick slice of Velveeta cheese with that.


This was made popular by Paula Deen, who included a fried egg on top:

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