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October 27, 2010


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Michael Lewyn

I'm reading Pearl Buck's The Good Earth and/or Nicole Garnett's Ordering The City (depending on whether I'm in the mood for heavy or light).

Jake Linford

Regarding the cellphone question, the books are set from 1991-1998, prior to the mass onslaught of cell phones in the 00's. Thus, there is little reason within the world for wizards to notice the lack of a cellular equivalent. In the 90's nearly everyone had to hunt up a land line to make a phone call. Wizards do, on occasion, send a patronus (the silver animal image) ahead with a spoken message, but those messages are short - more like a tweet or a text than a cell phone image.

Jacqueline Lipton

OK - well color me embarrassed for not being enough of a J K Rowling aficionado to know what years the books are set in! But it is interesting that the wizards didn't invent the cellphone (or its equivalent) before the muggles did, n'est-ce pas? I guess you make a good case for an argument that they really did invent the magical equivalent of the "tweet", but is that really something for the wizarding world to be proud of?

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