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September 02, 2010


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Eric Fink

The link for the "keyboard is filthier than your toilet" report is broken. Which is probably just as well.

Greg McNeal

Thanks Eric, it is now working.

Matt Lister

I clean my toilet a lot more often than I clean my keyboard, so that doesn't surprise me much.

On a similar note, the pair of sneakers I recently bought from Simple shoes are supposedly bio-degradable. I'd worry about this, for the same reasons, except that, in my experience, Simple shoes wear out pretty quickly, so they probably won't have time to bio-degrade. (Unless in this case "bio-degradable" is just a nicer way to say "wears out quickly"!)


Greg - that Westlaw mug is made in some Chinese sweatshop and absolutely loaded with lead. Don't believe anything in that paper insert.

"The requirement to search in a specific database to find what you're looking for has gone by the wayside, and searches are now more Google-like."

Generally speaking, this is probably not a good thing. For students who don't know the difference between a statute and a regulation (there are lots of them - even in your fine law school) this is going to be terrible. Westlaw classic gave too much information for the topic and key numbers, now WestlawNext give too little information about topics and key numbers.

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