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September 10, 2010


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John Steele

I once taught at a school that had a lot of keggers just before my class. I announced that no drinking of alcohol was permitted during ethics class. A student objected, "you're incenting us to chug the beer just before entering." I suppose he had a point.


A request to cancel a class after Mardi Gras floored you? Really? I guess there really is no connection between academia and the real world...

Alan Childress

It was better/worse at Tulane this year, Jeff, as Central Administration made us cancel classes on the Tuesday the week before Mardi Gras, too, because of the parade for the Saints winning the Superbowl [in Arizona]. One colleague noted in an email that since his seminar met only on Tuesday afternoons....

All of which makes me truly wonder whether they attend classes in Arizona at all. How can we not be number one? I think the methodology skews too much in favor of self-reporting statistics on six-month and nine-month AA rates after graduation, and we all know how those can be fudged by your administration duly reporting to Rolling Stone. Hell, some schools inebriate their own grads as admissions officers giving tours to applicants, just to pad the numbers.

I am a little surprised you did not mention the Stanford Law grad classmate of yours who is Patient Zero to that table. The current dean of Arizona went there from leading Tulane. Truly the Leader of the Party. What did they teach you people at Stanford? I know the coincidence would work better if he'd left for ASU but still.

I am assuming that Michigan's ranking is based on similar concerns about alcohol consumption in Rejkyav, in Rakiayiv, in Iceland.

Jeff Lipshaw

He wasn't my classmate. He was a year ahead of me. I think they changed the curriculum.


I almost wrote a protest e-mail to Tulane's president when they canceled class to celebrate the Saints' Super Bowl win. What kind of message does that send to your students? That you value a sporting event over their tuition dollars and education? I was super pissed and have thus placed a hex on the Saints this season.

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