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September 14, 2010


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Jeff Lipshaw

I too am a Starbucks junkie. Notwithstanding that my children believe Starbucks is another example of the imperialist hegemonic mass commercialization of what was once good and holy, I have the Starbuck app on my iPhone and can almost instantaneously find the closest store. It saved me in Binghamton, NY on the drive home from Michigan a couple weeks ago.

I, however, never do drive-through because I am too obsessive-compulsive about how the half & half and sugar are put into the coffee.

Jeff Yates

I know that reducing the choices of size from 3 to 2 really helps me out -- my brain seizes up with that extra choice ;-)

Jeff, which SB did you visit in Binghamton? I also use the app - very helpful. You can use the more generic apps (yelp) to find independent coffee shops, but frankly, the quality varies tremendously.

Jeff Lipshaw

904 Upper Front Street.

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