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September 01, 2010


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Jacqueline Lipton

I have to say that donuts and fruit certainly help - this was my experience when I visited UF last spring.

Matt Lister

At Penn, during the school year, the faculty lounge gets used at least for the following things:

1) faculty breakfast most days. I don't know much about this as I don't come in early enough and eat breakfast at home, but I know there is such a thing

2) workshops and talks several times a week, at different times of the day, usually w/ lunch or snacks. It's a pretty good place for talks, though the set-up encourages people to sit further back from the speaker than is optional.

3) Faculty lunches, once or so a week in addition to talks. Sometimes these include business discussions for the law school, though often they are just social.

4) Faculty "round-table" discussion lunches, sometimes w/ lunch provided, where interested people meet and discuss a news article, recent case, or something like that.

There may be other events, too, and there is also a coffee machine and fridge, as well as newspapers, law reviews, etc. but these are the main events I've noticed.

Finally, I'm opposed to those sorts of bagel cutters, as they tend to smash as much as cut. Much more rarer, but better, is the device that holds the bagel in a manner similar to that above but where a normal bread knife can then be used to cut it, giving a much happier split to the bagel.

Michael Kang

At Emory, we basically no longer have a faculty lounge. We have a big room that used to be a lounge, and is still called the "faculty library," but now is little more than a big conference room. It is used as such for workshops, events, and even classes. I do miss having a private lounge for faculty, to say nothing of my envy for the lounge at USC stocked full of soft drinks and snacks.

Matt Bodie

NYU has the mother of all faculty lounges. But Jeff, tell us more about Contracts -- are you using a new book?

Tulane 2L

Did you know the Tulane faculty lounge refreshments are procured and set up by students? I find that hilariously absurd. We also genuflect in the hallways when Sherman wanders by.

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