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September 25, 2010


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

I'm not a baseball trivia person, but I'll take a guess at this one: was it Eddie Murray? (magical thinking: we're the same age and he's one of my all-time favorite players) As to why he did not win the batting crown (presuming it's him), I have no idea but am rather curious.

Chris Hammer

I don't have a guess (yet) for who it is, but the reason is probably that he was traded from one league to the other mid-season, thereby ensuring that he didn't have the requisite plate appearances in either league (though he had them when combined).

John Steele

You guys are 1.5 out of 2. Patrick's right, and Chris is on the right track. Murray played the whole season for the Dodgers that year. Something else odd happened.


Strike year?

John Steele

nope, not a strike year.


Someone else in the NL had a higher average and enough plate appearances to win the NL batting crown but was either traded into or out of the league at some point in the season? That person's batting average for the year was lower than Murray's, but higher while in the NL...

John Steele


Yes, Willie McGee had enough NL appearances and then was traded to the A's, where his batting average fell. Murray ended up with the best BA in the majors, edging out George Brett, but didn't win the NL crown.

Marc Blitz

Sounds like he deserves to join the 1981 Cincinnati Reds, the 1994 Montreal Expos, Armando Galarraga, and Harvey Haddix in a special Cooperstown wing for teams and or players whose achievements were memorably taken done a notch by a strange twist in baseball history. (One might also include the 2003 Cubs, but it's hard to call an end-of-the-season collapse like that "strange" when stuff like that happens to them so often).

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