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September 11, 2010


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Howard Wasserman

Batters: 1977 Dodgers: Garvey, Cey, Baker, Reggie Smith

Pitchers: 1970 Orioles: McNally, Palmer, Cuellar, Dobson

Tim Zinnecker

You're batting .500, Howard.


Didn't the 1954 Indians have 4 20-game winners? (Feller, Lemon, Wynn, ?)

Tim Zinnecker

Bob Feller's last great year was 1951. He never won more than 13 games in a season thereafter. But Lemon and Wynn each hit the 20-win mark in 1954. See links above.

Howard Wasserman

OK, here it is: 1920 White Sox: Faber, Williams, Kerr, and Cicotte. Just before they dropped the hammer.

Tim Zinnecker

Howard, I've always thought that the Orioles were the only team to field four 20-game winners in the same season. But you and I have discovered that the Orioles were the SECOND team to accomplish the feat.

As for teams with a lineup that included four batters, each with at least 30 home runs in the same season, see this link for other teams that repeated what the Dodgers were the first to do:

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