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August 30, 2010


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John Nelson

I can't speak to current trends, but I helped with article review and selection a couple of years ago for my journal.

What would be interesting is to here from members of popular journals. I heard stories that some journals receive literally thousands of submissions per issue.

Others, like my own and some others I heard about, receive a much, much smaller number of submissions. And yes, this was during the current ExpressO reign.

The biggest ExpressO impact our journal saw was not necessarily volume, but topical. As a topical law review, albeit with a very broad topic, we received numerous articles unrelated to our topic. During my membership our editorial board kept our topics broad, but it still needed to relate to litigation-related issues (pre, post, and during litigation). We still had to turn down articles on international women's rights, international commercial law, and other random things.

So, in short, my suspicion is that there is an increase across the board of authors sending articles to journals that don't fit the topic because it's so easy to just check the box. (Especially if your institution is paying for the submission.)

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