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July 01, 2010


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Anon in SF


Patrick S. O'Donnell

I think Steven Winter, Walter S. Gibbs Professor of Constitutional Law at Wayne State University Law School, would make a nice fit, as he taught at Brooklyn Law some years ago. Of course I have no idea whatsoever if he would want such a position but I think he's eminently qualified. His faculty webpage is here:

Anon in SF

No offense to Steven Winter, but he's supposed to be a "high-profile academic who raises the school's stock simply by showing up" -- like Chemerinsky? Don't think so . . . .

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Well, I don't think he's up there with Chemerinsky, and I doubt they'll choose someone comparable, so I set my sights a bit lower although still, I hope, within the "very attractive finalists" category. No doubt there's others, he just came quickest to mind as someone who also happened to have once taught there.

Dan Filler

How about Austin Sarat from Amherst? Or Jonathan Simon from Berkeley? Or Kim Scheppele from Princeton? Every one would be a reach, but they'd all be exciting picks.

Anon in SF

Now we're talkin', Dan! All reaches, sure, but also lots of fun to toss their names around.

And how 'bout Barry Friedman or Brian Tamanaha?

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