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July 11, 2010


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Eric Fink

1) How Now, Dow Jones: "Step to the Rear" based on the 3rd movement("Scherzo. Allegro vivace con delicatezza") of Schubert's Piano sonata in B-flat.
2) A Chorus Line: "Tits & Ass" based on Mozart's Cantata No. 150.
3) Grease: "Summer Nights" based on Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen.

Or maybe not.

Terry Martin

Maybe not. I don't hear the references at all.

roger dennis

Fame: Dance Class Beethoven Spring Sonata
Your a Good Man Charlie Brown: Schorder Beethoven Moonlight Sonata,

Then there are the catagory issues: Porgy and Bess; West Side Story classics in themselves

Terry Martin

Beethoven is always good for a tune and these two seem right. What I had been thinking about was
1. Somewhere (Bernstein) – Emperor Concerto (Beethoven) 2nd mvt
2. Bring Him Home (Schönberg) – Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly (Puccini)
3. Music of the Night (Lloyd Webber) – Quello che tacete from La fanciulla del West (Puccini)
Interestingly, the people who follow this issue seem to feel that Bernstein and Schönberg are making homages by quoting classical composers while Andrew Lloyd Webber is seen as more of a plagiarist. How one can tell that is an interesting question and would it matter is another.

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