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July 03, 2010


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Bill Chuck

Gus and David Bell, but I don't get the "Esmeralda" hint

Tim Zinnecker

Esmeralda ... The Hunchback of Notre Dame ... title character was Quasimodo ... a name that might ring a "bell"?

Jeff Lipshaw

I don't get the "natural cycle". Why does it matter how many runners were on base, or were batted in, on any of hits? Why is a "four-run" homer more significant than, say, a two-run single?

Tim Zinnecker

The point to a "natural cycle" is the order of the hits: single, then double, then triple, then homer. Re-arrange the order and the batter still hits for the cycle, just not the "natural" cycle. I don't follow the rest of your comment. Clarification?

Jeff Lipshaw

It looked like you defined a natural cycle as having something to do with the grand slam, not the order of the hits, which I now understand.

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