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July 28, 2010


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Jeff Lipshaw

At the risk of hijacking my friend Tim's post for shameless promotion (in the public interest, I hope), Brannon Denning (Cumberland), Marcia McCormick (St. Louis), and I tried to condense into a candidate's guide much of the accumulated wisdom and lore on how to make a successful leap to the legal academy. Thanks primarily to Brannon's perseverance, we got the interest of ABA Book Publishing, and the book will be a reality in a matter of weeks. Perhaps the best evidence of the quality that Brannon and Marcia put into this book (it was really their inspiration and they were kind to invite me in) is that Larry Solum bestowed an insightful Foreword upon it.

Rick Paszkiet at ABA Book Publishing has graciously allowed us to post the Table of Contents and the introductory chapter at

Jeff Lipshaw

For some reason, that URL was problematic. Try this:

Jeff Lipshaw

I'm going to get this right yet. The problem is that I included the period in the link:

In addition, Larry Solum has since posted on SSRN his Foreword: The New Realities of the Legal Academy at


Hope the book comes out before AALS!

Jeff Lipshaw

I'm told October... Keep checking the ABA bookstore. It show up as a pre-order some time between now and then.

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